Walter Hinderer

Walter Hinderer studied philosophy, history and German and English literature in Tübingen and Munich and wrote one of the first dissertations on Hermann Broch. Before coming to Princeton in 1978 he taught at different  Universities in the United States. He was a fellow at the following research institutions: 1976-77, Institute for Research in the Humanities, University of Wisconsin, Madison; 1985-86, Institute for Advanced Study [Wissenschaftskolleg], Berlin;

1995, Rosenzweig Research Center for German-|ewish Literature and Cultural History, Hebrew University,Jerusalem. ln 1995 he was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, in 1998 the Alexander von Humboldt Prize , in 2006 the Austrian Cross of Honor for Science and the Arts, in 2015 the Golden Goethe Medal of The Goethe Society in Weimar. In October 2018 he became a member of the PEN-Centre of German-Speaking Writers Abroad.

His research interests center on German literature, philosophy, history, and politics of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries. He has written extensively on German drama, poetry, literary criticism and theory, on rhetoric and political literature, and contributed numerous reviews, essays and articles for the feuilleton sections of the weekly Die Zelt“, Hamburg,af the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung“, Frankfurt, and the „Süddeutsche Zeitung“, Munich. He was a trustee of the American Institute for Contemorary Gerrnan Studies in Washington, D.C. from 1995-2006, a member of the board of the Kurt Weill Foundation for Music in New York from 1993-2013, of the Foundation for Research in Romanticism in Munich from 1993-2013. From 1996-2001 he was President and is still a member of the executive commitee of the International Erich Fried Society for Language and Literature in Vienna.


His publications among others include:

Books: Herzog Bernhard von Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach. Das Tagebuch der Reise durch Nord-Amerika in den Jahren 1825 und 1826. Ed. by W.H. and Alexander Rosenbaum, Würzburg 2017 Auftakte und Nachklänge Romantischer Musik. Ed. by W.H., Würzburg,2012. Vom Gesetz des Widerspruchs. Über Heinrich von Kleist, Würzburg,2011.

Friedrich Schiller und kein Ende, Würzburg,2009. Geschichte der politischen Lyrik in Deutschland. Ed. by W.H., Würzburg,2007 . Die deutsche Exzellenzinitiative and die amerikanische Eliteuniversität, Berlin 2007. Friedrich Schiller und der Weg in die Moderne. Ed. by W.H., Würzburg,2006. Goethe und das Zeitalter der Romantik. Ed. by W.H., Würzburg, 2002. Geschichte der deutschen Lyrik vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart. Ed. by W.H., Würzburg,2001. Von der Idee des Menschen. Über Friedrich Schiller, Würzburg 1998. Kleists Erzählungen. Interpretationen. Ed. by W.H., Stuttgart, 1998. Codierungen von Liebe in der Kunstperiode. Ed. by W.H., Würzburg, 1997. Arbeit an der Gegenwart. Zur deutschen Literatur nach 1945,Würzburg, 1994. Büchner-Kommentar zum dichterischen Werk München, 1977. Deutsche Reden, Stuttgart, 1973.


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